New Wine Trends for 2015

wine grapes growing at vineyardWhat does 2015 bring in terms of up-and-coming trends when it comes to wines?

In the past, crafting and curating fine wine lists seemed to be done only by luxurious and expensive fine-dining restaurants. This year, wine will slowly be at level-footing with craft-beer and cocktails. An increasing number of promising wine producers are joining in the competition, offering a choice selection of premium wines.

An increasing number of people seem to be really interested in educating themselves about the wines being offered to them.  They are now curious about soil types and how to grow the best grapes.  The wine experience will become much more than just passively accepting the wines recommended by the sommelier.  People are now demonstrating a thirst to learn about wines and food pairings.  Moreover, there seems to be less interest in what is referred to as “commercial” wine and a veering towards wine with “character.”  As a result, restaurants which previously concentrated on drawing up exceptional cocktail programs are now strengthening their wine lists. They are starting to pay attention to crafting exceptional wine lists that make sense for the cuisine that they offer.

There are now more individuals from the younger set who are aspiring to be real wine connoisseurs. The internet appears to have a strong contribution to this agenda.  More and more people search the web for greater knowledge.  There are many blogs dedicated to wines.  People use various social media platforms to converse about wines and share experiences.

Young people seem drawn towards the bubbly and the sweet. As a result, sparkling wines and Moscato are now enjoying greater sales.  It is interesting to note that the young do not think that sparkling wine is simply to celebrate momentous occasions.  They pop bottles even for simple everyday routine celebrations – or even when they have nothing to celebrate about.

The young also do not seem inclined to be dictated on by tradition when it comes to wines. They take their wines with ice.  They take it with fruit juice or fruit.  They enjoy wine cocktails, taking it with club soda or some other mixers. A few even take wine on occasion from a cup through a straw.

Convenience now plays a significant role in determining wine-buying behaviour.  There seems to be a propensity to buy 187-ml bottles, screw-capped bottles, value-box wine and premium wines.

Many individuals buy wine because of its label.  However, an increasing number of people pronounce that taste is what gets them to purchase more.  Of the many varieties available, the year will favor pinot grigio, pinot noir, merlot, chardonnay, and cabernet sauvignon.